About StrategyMix

StrategyMix is a hybrid mix of a technology company and a channel marketing agency, with operations in the US, UK and Australia.

StrategyMix - The Marketing Agency

2 marketing programs:

  • Channel Marketing Programs for IT Vendors
    • Vendor-led
    • Primary objective is lead generation
    • Key difference:
      • High partner participation
      • Most channel marketing programs fail because the partners don't' participate on a consistent basis
      • Low participation results in limited marketing and therefore few leads
      • StrategyMix solves this problem with a managed channel marketing solution
      • To find out more, watch this video: StrategyMix Channel Marketing
  • Partner Marketing Programs for IT Resellers
    • Partner-led
    • Primary objective is to grow a partners' entire business through better marketing
    • Key difference:
      • Partner-led content (to position you as a thought leader)
      • Position you as a trusted advisor (so clients come to you)
      • Multi-Vendor Marketing (not just a single vendor)
      • Net Promoter Score = 100 (very high customer satisfaction)
      • Fully Managed (saving you cost and management time)
      • Almost Fully Funded thought MDF (and maximising MDF investment)
      • To find out more, watch this video: StrategyMix Partner Marketing

StrategyMix - The Technology Company

Complete Marketing Automation Solution.

  • Started in 2004
    • Vendor-led
    • Includes:
      • Email marketing with integrated telesales (better lead conversion)
      • White paper, event, videos and demo campaigns
      • Automated, multi-touch lead nurturing
      • Channel Marketing
      • Profile Surveys
      • Web analytics
      • CRM and contact management
      • Project management system (ideal for agencies)
  • To find our more, contact us to setup a demo

Legal Entities

StrategyMix has 2 operating companies:

  • UK: StrategyMix Ltd (Company Number: 8549809)
  • Australia: StrategyMix Pty Ltd (ABN: 74 075 455 211)

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