A Little History and A Few Dates

StrategyMix is an independently owned software company that has been successfully operating since 2004.

The company was started in Australia with a simple email and event registration system, which we developed to help IT companies promote seminars and other events. Computer Associates was our first client.

Jim Fisher, CA's Marketing Director at the time, then introduced us to Hugh MacFarlane of the MathMarketing Group. Over the next few years, we introduced a range of innovative new features such as active surveys, smart responses and logical campaigns. While we didn't realise at the time, these building blocks were the forerunners of what is now called

After the credit crunch or the GFC, depending on what you call it, the marketing teams within many of our clients were significantly downsized. In response, we introduced a range of marketing services (database building, telemarketing and copywriting) to support these clients so they could still do effective marketing. This was how we began to offer

We introduced our unique master system / sub-system channel marketing solutions in 2012. From Managed Marketing Automation solutions evolved into

Recognising that many of our clients were global organisations, we started developing our global presence to put people on the ground in Australia, the UK, Middle East and in the US.

Faced with declining response rates, smaller numbers of qualified leads and low ROI, we chose to look for a better alternative. After a lot of informal research, we came to realize that the chasm between sales and marketing was as wide as ever. Top sales people have very little to do with marketing. They do not contribute, do not engage and often ignore most of their companies marketing all together. To align sales and marketing, perhaps for the first time, we developed the 1-to-1 concept where we connect a top sales person with a personal marketing consultant so they form a team. This unique concept quickly demonstrated above average response rates, resulting in a higher number of leads. What has been truly extraordinary is the enthusiasm to engage in the 1-to-1 marketing process that has been demonstrated by every top sales person who has been given the chance to try it.

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