Channel Marketing

StrategyMix Channel Marketing

This vendor-led program solves the top 3 channel marketing problems:

  1. Low partner participation
  2. Inconsistent lead generation
  3. Failure to follow-up leads
Case Study: Palo Alto Networks

Blog: Why Palo Alto Networks' Channel Marketing Program is so successful

Channel Progression Reports

Channel progression report allows you to get a better understanding of the quality of the leads that your partners are generating.

As a result, you will probably want to change your channel marketing program.

Channel Progression Reports

Vendor Clients

See anybody you know?

Why not ask them about StrategyMix?

Nimble Storage Veeam VMware Dell EMC Commvault Hitachi Vantara
Palo Alto Networks Netscout NetApp Cicso Lenovo MFiles Pure Storage RSA

Vendor Reporting

In this video we show you 4 of the vendor reports that are available in the vendor master system. These include:

  1. Email Marketing Summary Reports
  2. Lead Progression Reports
  3. Campaign Reports (SFDC ready)
  4. Database growth reports
Vendor Reports
Vendor Pricing

Vendor Pricing

StrategyMix provides excellent value for money with a range of fixed price, marketing options.

This enables you to get the most from your Marketing Development Funds (MDF).

Why are most Channel Marketing Portals Flawed?

Flawed Portals

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