No 1 Channel Marketing Solution

Channel 5.5.5

The 5.5.5 stands for:

  • 5 Partners
  • 5 Campaigns
  • 5 Months

This proven channel marketing program, which is designed for major IT vendors and their distributors, solves these common channel marketing problems:

  • Reseller participation
  • Marketing consistency
  • Budget constraints
  • Reseller participation
  • Cross channel reporting
  • Operational efficiency
  • Global Delivery

Feature rich channel marketing system ticks all the boxes

StrategyMix is the most comprehensive, feature rich and easily the best channel marketing solution, especially from the perspective of resellers. See how it compares

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Maximising reseller participation in marketing programs

Many vendors find their resellers are reluctant to fully participate in their marketing programs.

This can be for many reasons including:

a) Risk of data compromise

b) Conflicting marketing schedules

c) Lack of marketing resources.

StrategyMix's unique reseller-centric approach builds trust and maximises reseller participation.

We also provide a free service to recruit resellers in to our client's marketing programs.

Marketing major events with
multiple resellers

Major events packed with high profile corporate speakers are a brilliant way for vendors to build their brand and establish contact with difficult-to-reach Decision Makers.

Resellers should promote these events to their own customers and prospects, but they rarely do, usually because they fear their best customer and prospect data may wind up in the hands of their competitors. StrategyMix has a unique approach that solves this problem and maximises reseller participation.

Read all about it in our blog

For a frank and sometimes disrespectful view on the status quo in most channels, read and subscribe to our blog. We'll tell you how we see it. It's sometimes not very pretty...

But we'll also give you practical, realistic advice on how to help your resellers build trust, demonstrate expertise and nurture leads over extended periods of time until your prospects are "sales ready".

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While the information on this website will give you a sense of the StrategyMix Channel Marketing Solution, it's not the same as a 1-to-1 conversation. For a start you can't ask questions.

On a 1-on-1 call with us you can ask questions and tell us your special requirements. The best option is set up a 30 minute online session where we can use screen sharing to show you more, talk about what you want to achieve, and answer your questions.


1 session. 30 minutes. Surely a good use of your time.

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Like to read? Download the White Paper:
StrategyMix Channel Marketing Automation

This paper provides an overview of how vendors and distributors can deploy the StrategyMix Channel Marketing System to enable their resellers to run multi-touch lead nurturing campaigns that generate qualified leads, very efficiently and at relatively low cost.

Global reseller support

StrategyMix operates in San Francisco, London, Dubai, Manila and Sydney. This means we can provide "how to" and technical support to resellers in all the major time zones.

Even more importantly, we can replicate a successful reseller marketing program that has been developed in one region and transplant it "out of the box" to any other region.
With StrategyMix you can "scale up" globally.

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