Event Marketing

StrategyMix can help you:

(1) Recruit high profile corporate speakers

High level corporate speakers will turn your event into a honey pot, which will attract higher quality prospects. We have in-house conference producers who can research, identify and recruit top level corporate speakers.

(2) Run integrated marketing campaigns

Our events marketing team brings together compelling copywriting, effective email campaigns that stand out, and cost effective telemarketing to drive higher attendance. There is no reason your next event shouldn't be a resounding success.

(3) Take care of the admin

Maybe you love the admin side of events´┐Ż but then again, maybe it's just a pain in the proverbial and you really don't have time for it. Our experienced admin team takes care of the details so you can focus on things you'd rather be doing. Furthermore the admin can be done at fixed cost so it's easy to budget.

(4) Nurture long tail leads

The euphoria of running a great event can quickly evaporate if you don't quickly make full use of the interest and opportunity. On event day + 1, our team will launch a pre-designed lead nurturing campaign that drip-feeds emails and telesales follow-ups to deliver results long after the event.

(5) Generate new leads - Pay per delegate

If you do run events on a regular basis then you'll recognise the importance of sourcing fresh, new leads. StrategyMix can focus telemarketing campaigns on the key individuals in your target companies that you DON'T have in your database. This unique solution uses de-duplication codes to filter data between two systems without valuable data being revealed to either party. Better yet, you can pay per lead. Why not get a quote?


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9 Reasons to run more events, more often

1. A Stream of Leads is more digestible than a dump of leads

If you "dump" 400 leads on a sales person, after attending say a Trade Show, they are unlikely to get around to calling all of them. If, on the other hand, you can provide them with a regular stream of say 40 leads every month, then your lead follow-up is likely to be more effective.

2. Generate more relationship building opportunities

The more events you run, the more opportunities your sales team will have to 'press the flesh' and build relationships with prospective clients.

3. Increase the likelihood of attendance

Senior Executives are busy people. They may not be able to fit your 'one-off' event, into their schedule. You improve your chances, if you can provide them with more attendance opportunities.

4. No Shows can attend the next one

"No Shows" are a fact of life. Work pressures will often frustrate the best intentions. So, rather than worry about "No Shows", which you can do little about, it is better to re-invite them to the next event.

5. Increase the likelihood of contacting prospects when they are ready to buy

The time to strike, is when the interest is high. The more events you run, the greater the chance that you will have one organised at a time when a "hot lead" is ready to buy.

6. Database Building

If you call people and ask them for their email address, they'll probably refuse citing "corporate policy". Ask them if they would like to receive an invitation to an exclusive event, packed with Case Studies, and they'll usually be very happy to give you their email address. So, if you want to build a database quickly and efficiently, organise an event.

7. Delivery of your marketing message

Events can be used to spread your marketing message because it provides you with an excuse to deliver a stream of invitations to your target market. The secret of most Marketing, Advertising and PR is repetition.

8. Open doors through the "excuse" of the event

If your sales people contact a company with the excuse of inviting them to a seminar, they are likely to get a better response than if they "cold call" them to try and make a one-on-one appointment. People prefer the anonymity of a larger audience.

9. Generate Meetings

Sometimes the best response to an event invitation is: "Sorry, I'd love to come but I've got meetings then". To which the correct reply is: "No problem. We can arrange a private briefing in your office. When would be convenient for you?". Relevant Meetings can be more valuable than the event itself.

You need to establish a schedule of events

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