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Custom Database Building

When you rent or buy a database you buy a product that has been sold multiple times.

So everyone has the same data and is bombarding the same prospects with an endless series of not-so-special offers. It's not surprising that the response rates from rental lists are so low.

Why not have a custom database built just for you, to your specifications?

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Animated Videos

Animated videos enable you to quickly convey complex ideas in a way that is engaging to watch

They are also less expensive to produce than most people think. Check out our samples.

Event Marketing to promote your
throught leadership and build your brand

Major events packed with high profile corporate speakers are a brilliant way for vendors to build their brand and establish contact with difficult-to-reach Decision Makers.

Need some compelling marketing copy?

StrategyMix have great writers who can help you develop compelling content such as white papers, case studies, BLOGS, video scripts and event presentations.

And we have tons of examples to prove it.

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