Partner Marketing

Full Spectrum Marketing Overview

This is a comprehensive, partner-led, annual marketing program, which combines email campaigns, social, database building, content development and systematic lead follow-up — across all your key vendors.

This is our best program for partners.

Full Spectrum Marketing
Christine Patterson

Client Testimonial

Harbour IT are part of the Canon Group with over 240 employees.
They provide managed cloud and managed IT services to Australian companies. Hear what Christine Patterson, their Marketing Manager, has to say about StrategyMix.

Multi-Vendor Marketing

A core principle of multi-vendor marketing is that the number of marketing activities you assign to your vendors in your annual marketing schedule, should be proportional to the value of each vendor to your business.

Many partners don't do this. Instead they assign their precious marketing slots to the first vendor that comes along.

Multi-Vendor Marketing
Chris Starsmeare

Client Testimonial

Diversus Group was the ANZ NetApp Gold Partner of the year in 2017.
In this video, Chris Starsmeare, CEO of Diversus reflects on the StrategyMix Full Spectrum Marketing Program.

StrategyMix Net Promoter Score

The Full Spectrum program has a Net Promoter Score of 100. This is based on this question of: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend the Full Spectrum Program to a colleague".

Net Promoter Score

Partner Clients

See anybody you know?

Why not ask them about StrategyMix?

Blue Connections Citrus Consulting Allied Business Sempre
5i Solutions Nexus Harbour IT Diversus Group Perfekt CWL Systems

Partner-Led Content

Most of our partners take a consultative rather than product based approach to sales. As a result, we need to demonstrate your thought leadership, build trust and position you as a trusted advisor.

This means that we need to develop content, specifically for you. This typically includes blogs, round-table events, and more recently videos.

Partner-Led Content
Partner Pricing

Partner Pricing

StrategyMix provides excellent value for money with a range of fixed price, marketing options.

This enables you to get the most from your Marketing Development Funds (MDF).

Database Building

Most partners have databases that could be significantly improved. Most partners know this. They just don't get around to doing anything about it.

We include database building with every campaign. We have a concept called "building at the edge", which means that we're identifying the contacts that you don't know yet, but are similar to and may know your existing contacts.

Database Building
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Most Channel Marketing programs are just outbound.

Yet at as soon as you move outside of the channel, Inbound Marketing, which includes social media and website promotions, is seen as being at least of equal value.

We want you to do both.

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