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Hi, my name is Jonathan Calver from StrategyMix and in this video, I’m going to talk about database building.

Most partners have databases that could be significantly improved, which is why we include database building with every campaign, if we can get the funding.

We have 2 types of database building: Building at the Edge and target company building.

Building at the Edge

We’ll start with Building at the Edge When we are “building at the edge”, we’re identifying the contacts that you don’t know yet, but are similar to and may know your existing contacts.

If you think of your database as a circle, then we are expanding the circumference of your circle. Imagine an ever-expanding circle.

So, why does it work?

The approach is effective because when you are building at the edge you tend to be building in or around a market segment, in which you are naturally strong. It is also promotes word of mouth, which is the very best form of marketing, because your existing contacts are likely to know your new contacts.

Target Company Database Building

The second option is target company database buildin.

With a target company list build, you first select a market sector in which you would like to compete. So, as an example, you might choose companies in financial services, within your area, with X number of employees.

Typically, the parameters you select will be based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Once you have selected your parameters, we then research out a list of companies and identify the key contacts are that you’d like to influence.

List Purchases

So, why bother? Why not just buy a list?

For a list broker to make money, they have to sell the same list to multiple buyers.

The individuals on that list are then subjected to a barrage of marketing material, much of which will not be relevant.

They are therefore trained, like Pavlov’s dog, to be non-responsive.

Ever bought a non-responsive list? Now you know why it was a bad idea.

What next?

I hope you have found that this video has been useful.

To find out more about our partner-centric, vendor-funded, full-spectrum marketing program, you might like to watch our 5-minute overview vide.

Thank you for your time.

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