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Hi, my name is Jonathan Calver from StrategyMix and in this video, I’m going to talk about inbound marketing for partners.

Inbound Marketing in the Channel

Lets consider inbound marketing in the channel. The fact is that most Channel Marketing programs are just outbound. Yet at as soon as you move outside of the channel, Inbound Marketing is seen as being at least of equal value. I think you should do both.

What is inbound marketing and why is it different to outbound marketing?

This is the difference. With outbound marketing, you take the decision to contact a prospect, so you send them an email or you call them. With inbound, they call you.

Sounds good, right?

But how do you get them to contact you?

The answer is that you create YOUR OWN highly engaging content and then you lay a mine field with it, all over the internet. This includes LinkedIn, Twitter and most importantly your website.

And here is the key point of this video: The content has to be YOURS and it has to be ENGAGING. If it’s vendor content is wont’ work, which is why Syndicated programs, as used in some channel marketing programs, is a waste of time.

What can you expect?

Inbound marketing is a slow burn activity, but it has longevity. In this way, it is very different to outbound marketing.

As an example, when send out an email campaign you get most of the results you’re going to get in the next 3 or 4 days. With inbound, you may get nothing for 3 months and then get an enquiry out of the blue.

So why are inbound leads so valuable?

Inbound leads are more valuable, because they are coming to you.

They tend to be in research mode, which is why they found YOUR highly ENGAGING content on the internet, probably via google. Since they reached out to you, they will want to take your phone call, so it’s easier for you to engage with them.

Since they are “looking”, they tend to have a problem that needs to be solved and so the sales cycle is shorter.

What next?

I hope you have found that this video has been useful.

To find out more about our partner-centric, vendor-funded, full-spectrum marketing program, you might like to watch our 5-minute overview video.

Thank you for your time.

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