Multi Vendor Marketing



Hi, my name is Jonathan Calver from StrategyMix and in this video, I’m going to cover the concept of multi-vendor marketing for IT Resellers. The question is.

Are all of your vendors of equal value to your business?

And if they are not, then how much of your annual marketing schedule, should you allocate to each of your vendors?

The fact is that you only have a limited number of marketing slots per year. So, if you take out Christmas and the Summer holidays, you have about 10 active marketing months. Assuming an absolute maximum of 2 campaigns per month, then that’s 20 Marketing slots.

If you represent say 4 vendors, then that’s just 5 marketing slots each (on average). A core principle of multi-vendor marketing is that the number of marketing slots you assign to your vendors should be proportional to the value of each vendor to your business. Note that the value might be aspirational. So, if one vendor is worth 40% of your business, then you should assign them 40% of your marketing schedule, and so on.

Multi vendor marketing programs work best if you have complimentary vendors.

The key is to allocate your precious marketing slots on a proportional basis.

Many IT resellers don’t do this. Instead they sign up to the first vendor marketing program that comes their way, which is not always in their interest. So, don’t do that.

What Next?

I hope you find this video was useful To find out more about the partner-centric, StrategyMix Full Spectrum Marketing program, you might like to watch our 5 minute video.

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