Partner Led Content



Hi, my name is Jonathan Calver from StrategyMix and in this video, which is mostly for IT resellers, I’m going to talk about the importance of partner-led content, particularly if you have a consultative sales approach. So, you may be thinking.

Why do I need to develop my own content?

The reason you need to develop your own content, if you take a consultative sales approach, is so that YOU can demonstrate YOUR thought leadership, build trust and position YOURSELF as a trusted advisor. It’s all about YOU

So, what’s wrong with vendor content?

After all, many partners use it. There is nothing wrong with vendor content. It’s a question of purpose. The purpose of most vendor content is to educate prospects. You should pick the best most valuable vendor content and distribute it to your database with YOUR recommendation. But vendor content will not and CAN NOT position YOU as a trusted advisor, which is WHY you need to create your own content.

So what type of content should you create?

You need to create content that is going to encourage your prospects to want to ENGAGE with you, as a human being. Examples include: A blog that is highly opinionated, with your opinions A video that has your face and voice on it (like this one) A round table event which you facilitateYou want your prospects to feel like they know you and that you are very approachable. Final question.

How do you build out your own content?

The short answer is “with help”. When you work with StrategyMix, we have a team of marketing consultants, copywriters and video editors that will help you develop content to position you as a trusted advisor.

What next?

I hope you have found that this video has been useful. To find out more about our partner-centric, vendor-funded, full-spectrum marketing program, you might like to watch our 5-minute overview video. Thank you for your time.

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